Southfields of Elkton is one of the largest development projects in The Town of Elkton and it is transformational in nature. Southfields is a master development project comprised of approximately 630 acres in the Town of Elkton.  Upon completion the mixed-use project will consist of residential units including single family homes, apartments for both seniors as well as families and condos. Retail, commercial, sports/recreational and light industrial uses are also included in the project to truly create a LIVE WORK PLAY Community aspect.  The project will include over 280 acres of open-green space and recreational park areas. 


Southfields of Elkton will have a short and long term impact in Elkton and Cecil County as we work to create a Live, Work, Play community comprised of new residential, commercial and retail development projects inside of the overall development.  We will work to ensure the project adds to the betterment of the community by incorporating both national, regional and local developers in the project as we create fresh opportunities for Elkton and Cecil County.


Southfields of Elkton is a mixed use development project and is managed by master developer Stonewall Capital.  Southfields of Elkton will be a combination of local, regional and national developer/builder partners.  This combination of development partners will ensure financial stability to the project while combining a local and regional flare.